Hi everyone, my name is Havalah and I blog over at Sisters,What! I like tip toeing, eating burritos, being crafty and I’m a big DIYer (or at least I pretend to think so). 
Water Bottle Bubbles
I’m super excited to share with you these fun water bottle bubbles. Seriously, these were the high light of the hot week we were having. Both of my small ones LOVE bubbles (but then again who doesn’t?). They were even more excited that they were bubbles that they BOTH could actually blow themselves and actually get bubbles out of the. 

DIY Water Bottle Bubbles


What You’ll Need:

an empty water bottle 
dish soap
a bowl
a wash cloth
rubber bands.
Homemade Bubbles with Water Bottle Wand
Cut the bottom off of your water bottle (you know, make sure it’s empty ; ). 
Water Bottle Bubbles
Grab your rag and hold it onto the bottom with a rubber band. Then dip it into a solution of about 1/4 cup soap and 1/2 cup water. Then blow through the mouth piece. Ummm…just a little tip, DON’T inhale. My little ones learned the hard way (even after I told them not too).  But hey, they still had fun. 
Water Bottle Bubbles
Water Bottle Wand Bubbles
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