Cotton Ball Ghost A Spooky Halloween Kid's Craft {Dolen Diaries for 733 Blog}

Hi 733 friends! Can you believe that it’s almost October already!?! My boys are SO excited for Halloween! Ash has always been my Halloween boy. In fact he loves Halloween so much that he had a Halloween birthday party for 3 years in a row! Did I mention that his birthday is in Dec!?! It actually was perfect! I would get all sorts of fun things for his parties on clearance. Anyways, he’s been begging to start adding a little bit of spooky Halloween to our kid art gallery for quite a while but I had to make him wait until at least the last week of Sept. Besides, I needed time to come up with something super cool & spooky. This Cotton Ball Ghost was just the ticket! 



  • black construction paper with a ghost outline {download my template here}
  • white crayon
  • cotton balls
  • white glue in a small dish
  • paint brush

Lightly pinch and pull the cotton balls to make them billowy. {A light touch is needed, if they pull too hard the cotton will just rip apart.}

Paint the glue all over the body of the ghost.

Apply the cotton on the glue filling up the body of the ghost.

Cotton Ball Ghost Halloween Kid's Craft {Dolen Diaries for 733 Blog}

Hang their spooky cotton ball ghost in the kid art gallery for all to enjoy!

Cotton Ball Ghost Halloween Kid's Craft {Dolen Diaries for 733 Blog}

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