Earlier this week I shared the DIY Burlap Wrapped Letters I made as part of the Make it Fun Design Team. Today I’m going to show you the spider I made with the materials that I received.

He looks awesome outside on my tree:

DIY Foam Halloween SpiderOr inside, above my mantel:

DIY Halloween DecorWant to learn how to make him? Let’s get started!


Styrofoam Disc

Black Spray Paint (I found the cutest 3 oz can of Krylon paint at Joann’s, which was perfect for this project)

Black Pipe Cleaners

Large/Small Googly Eyes


How to Spray Paint Foam1 – Spray paint your foam disc, black. Make sure to stay at least 8 inches away from the foam, as spray paint can melt the foam! I did 4 thin layers of paint – don’t go on too thick. I only did the top and sides, I didn’t bother painting the back.

DIY Foam Spider - Perfect for Halloween!2. Once the paint is dry, grab 8 pipe cleaners and carefully insert them into the sides of the spiders body, evenly spaced for legs. Bend in the middle to create a “knee” and then again at the end to make a “foot”.

DIY Foam Spider

3. Glue on Googly Eyes.

halloween-spiderYou’re done! Hang him somewhere fun so everyone can enjoy his cuteness!


DIY Foam Halloween Decor Ideas