Spirit Week is a whirlwind of excitement for kids (and maybe a touch of chaos for parents – I know it is for me!). From themed outfits to pajama days, it’s a week dedicated to letting loose and having fun. My kids fully get into the spirit. This year, for Crazy Hair Day at my kids’ school, we decided to embrace the wackiness and ditch the hats in favor of some truly outrageous hairstyles.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Cupcake Hair

My daughter, inspired by a picture, absolutely had to have “Cupcake Hair.” Luckily, it’s surprisingly simple to achieve! Here’s how:

Gather your child’s hair into high pigtails.

Cut an “X” in the bottom of two cupcake liners.

Pull one pigtail through the “X” in a cupcake liner and create a bun, securing it with a hair tie.

For that extra cupcake flair, glue a pompom onto the end of a bobby pin and insert it into the center of the bun. Repeat this step for the other “cupcake.”

Feather Mohawk Wild Hair Idea

Feather Mohawk

My son, recently gifted with feathers at school, craved a feathered hairstyle. After contemplating some truly crazy ideas, I landed on a manageable, yet impressive, mohawk.

To create this easy look, simply make a row of small ponytails down the center of his head.

Insert several feathers into each ponytail for a bold and colorful mohawk.

Feather Ponytail Crazy Hair Idea

Since Olivia wouldn’t be left out of the feather fun, I simply added some feathers to her existing ponytail.

Feather Mohawk Crazy Hair Day Idea

(for those from warm states – the big tag on the front of my son’s coat is his ski pass!)

Sometimes, the best ideas strike at the most inconvenient moments. Realizing my son wouldn’t be able to wear a hat with his mohawk (it was a snowy day in Vermont!), I whipped up a quick fleeze headband to keep his ears warm on the bus ride.

Sure, the morning was a bit hectic, but the end result was pure joy. The bus driver and classmates were impressed with the kids’ unique styles, and their smiles were a reward in itself. My kids had the biggest smiles on their faces. A job well done.

For future Crazy Hair Days, an octopus hairstyle has taken root in my mind! Imagine a bun on top of the head as the octopus’s head, with eight strategically placed ponytails acting as tentacles. Don’t forget the finishing touch – googly eyes attached to bobby pins for an extra dose of whimsy!

So, next time Crazy Hair Day rolls around, ditch the stress and unleash your creativity! With a little imagination and these easy ideas, you can help your child conquer Crazy Hair Day and rock a hairstyle that’s sure to turn heads.

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