Hi everyone. I am happy to be here sharing about Disney. 
We are a Disney loving family. Let me take a quick moment and introduce myself.
My name is Connie and I blog at Measured by the Heart. I have a DIY/Creative blog where you will find recipes, tutorials, hairstyles, crochet, free printables and home improvements. Basically anything creative I write about it. I love meeting new people and hope you will stop by.
Today I am going to show you a cute craft I made for my girls.
We recently went to Disneyland and while we were there I found the cutest beads. I got a few and decided to make cute bracelets for the girls so they can remember the fun memories we made on this trip. I found these beads in every big shop I went into. We went back a short while ago and they are still there.
I decided to let them choose their favorite character beads and then come home and string them with some filler beads I had. That way they could make these cute bracelets for their friends. Under $5 for a souvenir from Disneyland, that’s great!
Here are my favorites:
Mickey’s Hand
Minnie’s Hair Bow
Tropical Mickeys
Squirt from Finding Nemo
Minnie’s Shoe
Tinkerbell’s Dress
Fantasia Mickey’s Hat
My girls absolutely love them. And I love that as they wear them they can remember how much fun we had as a family. And hopefully how much we love each other.
Thanks so much to Kim for having me here today. I’m sure you are having a blast on your trip!!