Hi everyone! My name is Heidi and I blog over at Mom’s Crafty Space. If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you might remember the swarm of strollers parked outside of attractions by the hundreds. How in the world do you ever find your stroller after the ride is over, and more importantly, how do you make sure that someone with an identical stroller doesn’t accidentally wander off with your stuff? I’ve got the perfect solution for you: A DIY Stroller Sign!
DIY Stroller SignSince I’m using a borrowed stroller for our trip to Disneyland, I wanted to be 100% sure that I didn’t accidentally lose it to someone with a matching one (not to mention that I wanted an easy way to identify the stroller since it isn’t completely familiar to me!). I decided to make a quick and easy name plate that would be simple to spot and would make it near impossible for anyone else to mistake our stroller for their own.
DIY Stroller SignI started with a pre-cut wood shape and some scrapbook paper.
I traced the shape onto the back side of the paper, and cut it out.
DIY Stroller Sign
I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the wood sign and used it to glue down the scrapbook paper, smoothing out any air bubbles as I went along. I personally prefer to use matte Mod Podge for adhering my paper layers because I seem to get fewer air bubbles with matte than I do with gloss.
DIY Stroller Sign
Using my Silhouette Cameo, I cut out a simple Mickey shape from black vinyl and added my son’s name to the sign in the Waltograph
DIY Stroller Sign
I gave the entire piece a thick coat of Super Gloss Mod Podge to finish and seal it.
DIY Stroller Sign
I had my hubby drill a couple of holes, and then I added some colorful scraps of ribbon as ties – easy peasy, and now we’re all set to take our personalized stroller to Disneyland!
My favorite part about this project is that I can easily untie the name plate from the borrowed stroller once we’re back home and quickly reattach it to our umbrella stroller or bike trailer to give it a little personality.