We are attending a Minnie Mouse Party this weekend, which we are pretty excited for. As I was chatting with my daughter about it, she said, “I know! We should get a Minnie Mouse outfit for me to wear!” Which got my wheels spinning. Off to Joann’s we went where I grabbed some polka dot fabric, then to Walmart to grab a plain white shirt.
Once home, I followed Made’s Simple Skirt Tutorial to make a skirt for my daughter and her Elephant, Minnie. I love this skirt because it is so super easy and quick.
I then cut a Minnie Head from felt. I ironed fabric interfacing onto the back and ironed it to the shirt, where I then stitched it in place. I added a ribbon bow on the right ear and called it a day.
For Minnie Tusk Conner (the elephants full name), I used a doll shirt and added the Minnie applique.
What do you think? Do you know someone that would love a Minnie Mouse Outfit?
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