I am so excited to share these DIY Crate Nightstands that I made out of $10 crates and copper piping! I needed nightstands for my new room and I needed a project to keep me occupied as we lived in the camper for three weeks waiting for our new house to be completed. My brain started whirring DIY ideas and I just went along for the ride! I ended up with this fun industrial style piece that I fell in love with, and for $95 for 2, the price was right. I had actually wanted to make these using steel pipes and flanges, but that stuff gets hella expensive so copper pipe won out. I’m going to tell you a little secret – I LOVE the look of these.

DIY Nightstand out of a $10 crate!The industrial style with the slim leg has a home in my heart. But I should warn you if this is something you might want to tackle – I’m not a carpenter and these aren’t the most sturdy nightstand ever. I only used glue at the elbows, but would definitely recommend soldering everything together instead. I mean, mine aren’t going to fall over and they don’t wobble, but if you push them to one side, they will lean – they’ll stay upright though so it’s all good up in here. I do want that out there so if you go all in making these you don’t email me later yelling at me!  To add additional stability they could easily be fastened into the wall. We’re not usually pushing on our nightstands though, so it hasn’t been a problem for us. Plus, come on! How awesome is it that they began life as a $10 wooden crate?!

DIY Crate NightstandSUPPLIES (to make 2 nightstands):

2 Wooden Crates – Mine came from Walmart for $9.97, all other supplies came from Lowe’s

(2) 1/2″ 10′ Copper Piping

Metal Cutter

16 1/2″ Copper 90 Degree Elbows1

4 1/2″ Pipe Straps

4 1/2″ T Connectors

Spray paint – Mine was Rust-oleum Hammered in Oil Rubbed Bronze and I used 1.5 cans

Stay – I went with Minwax Dark Walnut

Clear Liquid Nails


First, we need to cut the length of pipes. You will need the following:

8 – 18″ (cut 4 from each pipe 10′ pipe)

4 – 8″ (I cut 7.5″ and realized afterwards that it made my legs slant in towards the top. If that is the look you are going for, go with 7.5, but if you want a true rectangle, go with 8″).

8 – 3.75″

2 – 14″

DIY Bedside TableNow piece the legs together (see image). Spray paint and set aside to dry.

As the legs dry, stain your crates. Set aside to dry.

Flip your legs over and spray that side. Set aside to dry.

DIY NightstandAdd the corner brackets to the front of your crate.

DIY Crate NightstandOnce your legs are dry, connect them to the bottom of the crate using the pipe straps. I placed my pipe 1.5″ from the edge and strapped it into place.

Glue all of your joints together with the super glue and let dry.

DIY Crate NightstandI would love to hear your thoughts on my new bedside tables! Are they are Yay or a Nay in your book? See the whole look including my bedding and new headboard!