Are you ready to get a sneak peek into my new Industrial Chic Master Bedroom? The old house had an overly large master, but the new house has a fairly normal-sized one. Most people would probably be saddened by that, but not me. The problem with the old house was all of the space was in the bedrooms, making the living areas way too small. That has been fixed with the new house though!  That being said, I do want the master bedroom to be a retreat. A place to decompress after a long day.

Industrial Chic Master Bedroom

Feminine Touches

With the new headboard and nightstands, both made of dark wood, a new bed set was a must. I’m definitely feeling the industrial trend right now and am embracing it throughout my home. But I like to mix it up and pair it with feminine touches – floral and softer colors. This set from Kohl’s instantly drew me in. I love the style and colors. It softens the industrial, masculine elements in the room. For window treatments, I chose super feminine curtains in ivory. So chic and stylish and just the right touch!

Industrial Chic Master Bedroom

Three 11×14 framed prints finished off this side of the room. The rustic watercolor artwork came from Etsy and pulled in the colors from the bedding. It draws the eye up and really ties in the whole room!

Did you notice those DIY Crate nightstands? They may not be for everyone, but I love them! They were only $47 each to create, and match the industrial style and color of the new headboard!

DIY Nightstand out of a $10 crate!

Now if I’m being completely honest, my room is the only room in the house that isn’t completely unpacked. Our master closet isn’t installed yet, and I got rid of my dressers since the closet will hold all of my clothes, so I am still living out of boxes at the moment. One half of my room is complete, the other half is just a mountain of boxes. I am super enthused to finish the rest of my room, including putting up a mirror that matches the frames above the bed.

What do you think of this Industrial Chic Master Bedroom? Is this a space that you could relax in? What style is your Master Bedroom?