I am a big fan of creating DIY Diaper Cakes for showers. Unique diaper cakes are great gifts and can work double-duty as a creative centerpiece. If you are considering making one for a friend, I must warn you that these can cost upwards of $75+ once it is all said and done, depending on how many items you add to it.

Diaper and towel cakes are fairly easy to make, and the face of the mom-to-be/bride makes it all worth it!

Diaper Cake Recipe Card

As a special touch, I love to add a “recipe card” with the diaper cake that reads: “Here is a cake made with love, I wouldn’t call it yummy because it’s not made to go inside your tummy!”

I also list out the “Ingredients” so that people can see everything that is included in the cake.

Below are a few of the diaper and towel cakes that I have made:

  Monkey themed DIY Diaper Cake DIY Diaper Cakes for Baby Girls
DIY Diaper Cakes
Floral Diaper Cake Idea

DIY Towel Cake

As you can tell, I enjoy a themed cake. I find out the shower theme and create the cake to match. Or, if I know what the baby nursery theme is, I’ll match it to that.

Each time I’ve gifted one of these cakes they have been well received. People recognize the time and energy that goes into these!

Have you ever created a diaper or towel cake? I’d love for you to share a photo with me on my Facebook page! I’m always looking for inspiration.

Below are links to tutorials to help you learn how to make your own unique DIY diaper cakes!

Diaper Cake Tutorials:

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Towel Cake Tutorials:

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