These DIY Elf Ears were born from a holiday card brainstorming session at work. After work I knew that I head to try to bring them to fruition and I especially knew that Olivia, my daughter, would absolutely love them and boy was I right! If you have a child that loves pretend play or playing dress-up, then keep reading and I’ll share how to make these festive elf ears!

DIY Elf Ears Template and SVG File

I designed the pair of elf ears on my computer and then sent them as an SVG file to my Cricut Maker, which made whipping up several pairs of these paper ears super simple. If you have a Cricut Explore or Maker and want to make a pair of these, the video below will walk you through the simple process of uploading the SVG file, prepping it, and sending it to the machine for cutting.

What is you don’t have a Cricut? That’s OK too, I’m sharing the elf ear template in pdf format as well. Print the file onto cardstock and cut it out with scissors and your little one can become an elf too!

DIY Elf Ears Template and SVG File

How to Make Paper Ears for a Costume

Elf Ear Supplies: Affiliate links for your convenience
Cricut Explore/Maker or Scissors
Cricut Pen
Download the Elf Ears SVG file.

Don’t have a Cricut? Use the below template instead:
Download the Elf Ears pdf template.
Personal use only. Do not alter.

Once the pointy ears are cut out, simply hook them over your own ears or those of your child and they’ll stay in place without any glue or tape necessary.

These elf ears would be fun as a Christmas Photobooth Prop, or make a pair of ears for the whole family and use them in your Christmas card photo! Maybe you’re putting together an elf costume and these will be the finishing touch. Whatever the reason, you’ll now be able to easily turn your ears into elf ears!

DIY Elf Ears Template and SVG File

I hope your children enjoy these simple paper elf ears! Olivia gave herself an elf name, Elivia, and had a grand ole time playing elf, pretending to be an elf on the shelf, and much more! If you snap some cute #sELFie’s, share them with me on the Inspiration Made Simple Facebook Page or tag me on Instagram (@inspirationmadesimple).