DIY Foam Cupcake Stand
Can you believe that this cupcake stand was made from Styrofoam? A few days before my sisters Wedding, she called me up and told me that the bakery didn’t have a mini-cupcake stand for us to use as we had originally thought and OMG, can we DIY one? Of course my answer was YES!

I looked through my craft room and found the 4 foam discs I had leftover from one of my MakeIt: Fun Challenges. Once I saw those, I knew I had something I could work with. I’m going to share how I made mine, and I’ll recommend one minor change, which is absolutely necessary, but if I did this again, I would have gone that route.


4 foam discs, starting large to small – my smallest was 4″ in diameter I believe.

Diamond Wrap

4 sheets of cardstock

4 4″x4″ foam blocks or preferably 4 soup cans

Hot Glue


 Mini Cupcake Stand TutorialThe first step is to cut and glue the cardstock to the top of the foam disc. I simply traced around the discs onto the cardstock and then cut out the circles.

foam-cupcake-standNow hot glue the paper onto the top of the discs.

Mini-Cupcake Stand TutorialNext, you need to wrap the foam discs and blocks (or soup cans) in diamond wrap. For the discs, I trimmed the wrap so that it was about 2 rows longer than the height of the disc and 1 row longer than the diameter – this way there was an overlap where the two ends met, which I found looked cleaner than not having them meet and trying to get the spacing between the two pieces even. I then hot glued it into place.

DIY Mini-Cupcake StandFor the blocks (or preferably soup cans) I trimmed the diamond wrap to the exact height of the block and 1 row longer than the entire width of the block. Hot glue in place. Why do I keep mentioning soup cans? The blocks worked out for us, but when the couple cut their cutting cake, the tower did teeter a bit, not enough to cause any worry that it would tip over and dump all those delicious mini-cupcakes, but enough that I would hate for you to make one and have it be a little less stable than mine!

Foam Cupcake Stand TutorialNow that all the pieces are prepped, it is time to assemble the stand. I started with a block on the bottom because I wanted the added height, if you don’t need it, then go ahead and have the bottom of the stand be the largest disc. Take a block and add a generous amount of hot glue to the top, then stick it in the center of the bottom of the biggest disc. Now add hot glue to the bottom of the next block and hot glue it to the center of the top of the biggest disc. Add hot glue to the top of that same block and place the next disc on top of it, making sure it is centered. Tip: finding and marking the center of the discs prior to assembling would be helpful to ensure all of the discs are centered and your stand isn’t the leaning tower of piza!

DIY Foam Cupcake StandThat’s it! Step back and admire your handiwork.