My little sister got engaged earlier this year.  We’ve been brainstorming ideas here and there and one thing I came across and knew she would love is Feather Bouquets. 

DIY Feather Bouquet
I showed her a picture of one I had come across and sure enough she fell in love.  I thought I’d do a dry run using inexpensive feathers found at Joann’s to see how it would look… and I must say, I’m pretty happy with the overall look, and was surprised to find how nice it looked sitting in a vase!  So two-for-one, now you have simple table decor as well.  Couldn’t you see this in a super tall vase filled with twinkling lights, or some organza, maybe with tea lights surrounding it all? I think it gives off a super sophisticated, boutique feel.

DIY Feather Centerpiece
 I chose white feathers with a hint of purple for this dry run, but you can go with any color.  I also would probably use a hint more of the purple if we do these for real.
Now I’ll tell you there are many bouquets out there that are way more intense then these – feathers glued into flower shapes with pretty crystal accents, so on and so forth.  I decided I wanted a nice fluffy bouquet, pretty and feminine, yet whimsy and not too full-of-itself.  And the best part, SIMPLE.  I bet some of you looking at this are saying you aren’t crafty… that’s fine.  If you can stick a pin in a cushion, you can make this bouquet!
Here are the needed supplies:
Feather Bouquet Supplies

 All of these items were purchased at Joann’s.

2 packages of white feathers – $2.99 each
1 package of purple feather piece – $1.99
Bouquet Holder  – $2.99
Jewelry Wire – On Hand (optional)
Pearls – On Hand (optional)
First I opened my bags of white feathers and picked out the smaller ones.  
DIY Feather Bouquet
 I then poked those into the sides of the bouquet holder – straight into the styrofoam.  I used about the same size feathers all the way around, filling in so it was nice and full.  It took about two-three feathers per section.  I made my feathers all go in the same direction, sort of fanning down.  If you notice that green spot almost in the middle… yes, I filled that in after shooting this picture!
DIY Feather Bouquet
This is a top view of what I have so far. DIY Feather Bouquet
Next I took medium length feathers and filled those around the top of the sides, right over the small ones.  These I had fan up. DIY Feather Bouquet
Now you are just going to stick feathers into the top creating a nice full bouquet.  Keep adding them until you have the look you desire.  You don’t want any of that styrofoam showing through.
DIY Feather Bouquet
Cut the purple strip up so you can insert these randomly throughout the bouquet.  After snapping this picture and inserting one of these I decided to cut it even more. 
DIY Feather Bouquet
I ended up with about 2 feathers per cut piece. 
DIY Feather Bouquet

Using a pin with a white head, insert it through the fabric piece at the bottom and then pin into the styrofoam.
DIY Feather Bouquet 

After stringing three pearls onto the metal wire, twist it around and underneath them and then twist down the stem.  Make as many of these bundles as you want and insert throughout the bouquet to add a little more dimension and shine.

That’s it, you’re done!

 DIY Feather Bouquet

My almost three year old got all dressed up and played “wedding” with this bouquet so I snapped a few pictures…. it gives you a sense of the size.