Hey creative people!  I had a wonderful break for Christmas.  Got lots of nice things, including a new 60GB internal memory camcorder and a CRICUT!!!  Oh… and a huge cake decorating kit – now I just need to find a class in my area!  Santa was VERY nice to the people in my house…

Now onto the Rose tutorial –

I made a bunch of these as favors for my sister-in-laws bridal shower over 5.5 years ago!  They were a big hit and looked so nice in a vase.  I thought it would be a fun little tutorial to share with all of you.  Perfect for the Holidays, probably better for Valentines Day, but hey – I want to share now AND this is a great time to find red Hershey Kisses!
Plastic Wrap
Florist Wire or stem
Floral Stem Tape
Hershey Kisses
Optional fake leaf
1.  Wrap the stem or wire in floral tape up to about a half inch from the end.  I used an inexpensive stem from the floral supplies in Joann’s for this tutorial, but when you are making a bunch of these you probably want to use a sturdy wire.
2. Put the two Hershey kisses butts together.  Wrap them in the plastic wrap (if you can’t find red hershey kisses you can always wrap them in red plastic wrap), twist the wrap and pinch.

3.  Place the hershey kisses onto the stem (the stem should go up 1/2 the bottom kiss about 1/2 way).  Wrap the plastic wrap around the stem and then start wrapping the floral tape around the plastic wrap and 3/4 up the bottom kiss, pinching the tape as you go.  Go back down the stem to secure it.  (Just a note – you can start by wrapping the kiss to the stem and work your way to the bottom of the stem).
4.  I didn’t take a picture of adding the leaf – but you can do it as you wrap the stem, or afterwards just take a small length of the tape, place the fake leafs stem against the rose stem and wrap the tape around both.

Happy crafting!