Hello, I’m Rachel from Lines Across. I’m so excited to be here guest posting today. I’m sharing how to make a paper gift bag out of scrapbook paper… no rulers or templates necessary. You can make them in any size or shape you want.
What you need:
1. Scrapbook paper
2. Glue stick
3. Scissors
4. Tape
5. Cardboard
6. Ribbon
7. A single hole punch
Paper Gift Bag Directions:
1. Start with a large piece of scrapbook paper (I used 12×12). Find a box around the house that is the size and shape of the bag you want to make. I used a box of spaghetti for one, and macaroni for the others. Fold  the scrapbook paper around the box as if you are wrapping a gift. Don’t tape the paper to the box. Glue the edges together. (I added a couple of pieces of tape to the inside seam for extra support.)
2. Fold one end of the paper as if you are wrapping the edge of a present. This will be the bottom of the gift bag.
3. Use a glue stick on every fold of paper. I used a little tape for extra support.
4. Now remove the box from inside and pinch the sides of the bag to crease in the middle. You will be left with a little triangle on each side. You can fold the bottom over for easier storage.
5. Trim the top of the bag to whatever height you want the bag to be. I used fun scissors.
6. Punch little holes and attach ribbon handles. I also measured out a small rectangle of cardboard (a cereal box works great), and glued it to the bottom inside of the bag to make the bottom a little sturdier.
This is my favorite kind of project. Simple. Cheap. Quick. Useful. Fun.
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