I’m back into full party planning mode with my sons 5th birthday coming up.  As you know we are going with an Army theme.  Army Birthday Invites have been mailed, supplies are all ordered and all the “extras” have been designed and I am currently assembling everything.


 For favor boxes I decided to go with a DIY Fry Box.  I created a template by sending my husband out to a local fast food restaurant and then deconstructing his large fry… after he ate them all of course.  I also found a template online and ended up using that for my box because I was able to size it the way I wanted it.  Either way works, I did both.

 Supplies Needed:
Cardstock – I used 8.5 x 11 and was able to fit 1 box per sheet.  I think I could have fit 2 per 12×12 sheet.
Hot Glue
Xacto knife or other sharp cutting too
Ribbon (optional)

Using the template you created (I used cardstock), trace the fry box onto the cardstock.  

Make sure to mark where the folds should occur.

 Cut out the box.

Using a ruler, line up the lines you marked for the folds and lightly score the fold lines using your Xacto knife (scoring means to put a light mark, don’t cut all the way through, this helps fold the paper straight).

I just winged the score for the bottom but you can draw a line if it helps.

Fold the box (the score lines should be on the inside).

I made sure the front flap overlapped the back one so you couldn’t see a seam when looking directly at the box.  I added a small piece of tape to hold it together on the inside. 

 Then ran a bead of hot glue down the seam and pressed it firmly in place.  Do this for both sides.
NOTE: I tried using double-stick tape to adhere the sides together but it didn’t hold.  It may have been my paper.

That’s all it takes to create the box!  

For embellishment I hot glued a piece of ribbon to the inside of the box and added a small bead of glue to hold it in place on the outside.  I then used sticky foam raisers and attached those to a tag I created on the computer and punched out with a 2″ scallop punch. 
I’ve made generic favor tags available for download. Print the labels off and use a 2″ hole punch to cut them out.

Download the Army Themed Favor Tag via Google Docs.


Make sure you stop back by to see what I fill them with!