I recently purchased a new house and have been spending the last month getting it just right. It is much smaller than my last home and I’ve got to say, I absolutely love it! Less to clean, much easier to manage and it feels like we’ve been there forever. It definitely makes me feel like I chose right for my little family. It’s a raised ranch, which I’ll admit, I’ve never been in love with, but this house just feels like home. It has three bedrooms plus a finished basement, which I turned into my master bedroom. I really wanted the kids to be comfortable, so the first thing I did after closing was to paint their rooms and get them set up. Olivia requested a pastel bedroom with multiple pastel colors and I was happy to accommodate her. She provided this girl’s bedroom from Sami Says AG as her inspiration. Post contains affiliate links.

DIY Pastel Little Girls Room

Since Olivia already had a white four-poster bed and dresser, it was a match made in heaven. We picked a pastel pink, purple and teal color and she decided which walls should be what. For the wall behind her headboard, I created the diagonal paint block by using painter’s tape. I didn’t measure or use any scientific method, I simply put the tape on the wall! Starting with the pastel pink because it was the lighter color of the two, I painted two coats. Once those had dried, I removed the tape and reapplied it onto the painted pink side, allowing about a 1/2″ bleed of pink. I then painted two coats of teal and removed the tape to a perfect diagonal line!

DIY Pastel Little Girls Room

Once the paint was finished drying I used my Cricut Maker to cut 3″ gold vinyl circles. I believe I ended up with a total of 64. I applied them in a concentrated cluster in the top right corner and fanned them out as I went. Easier than any wallpaper!

DIY Pastel Girls Room

Olivia’s Mermaid Room comforter matched perfectly, so we went ahead and kept it. I added some DIY Tissue Paper Garland to the headboard. Olivia says she loves the rustling noise they make when the fan is on. We had considered adding a canopy to the bed, but decided against it as she wouldn’t be able to use her ceiling fan. Her Narwhal pillowcase also made its way into this room, as well as some throw pillows we had.

DIY Paper Pieced Unicorn Artwork - SVG or printable file

DIY Girls’ Bedroom Decor

One of my favorite parts of this pastel room was this DIY Paper Pieced Unicorn that Olivia and I made together using my Cricut Maker. I designed the Unicorn in Illustrator and then uploaded the SVG file into Cricut Design Space. We chose shades of cardstock that matched the room. Once all of the pieces were cut, it was a puzzle to put together, but it is so pretty and fit so perfectly. Want to make this yourself? I’m sharing the SVG and Cricut file at the bottom of this post. Want the pretty unicorn minus all the work of piecing it together? I’ll share a printable file below as well!

DIY Pastel Girls Room

I also created a star garland on the Cricut using the pastel cardstock we used on the unicorn artwork and we hung that on her dresser mirror.

DIY Pastel Girls Room

The last DIY project for this room was the DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher. It is so simple to make, and looks super cute above her vanity!

DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher

I wrapped a wood hoop in white yarn, added strands of colored yarn to the bottom, and tissue paper flowers to the top, along with a sparkly gold horn I cut on the Cricut. Looking for a good tutorial for tissue paper flowers? The Craft Patch has the Ultimate Tissue Paper Flower Guide.

DIY Pastel Girls Room

I’m still looking for a rug. I’m thinking something soft and plush and most likely neutral, like a light grey carpet.

I love the fact that we can change out certain accessories and accents and this room should be able to grow with Olivia. I don’t love painting, so picking a palette that will last is important to mom! HA!

So what do you think? Do you know a little girl that would adore this pastel room? I hope you found plenty of inspiration to help with your next bedroom project!

Download the Paper Pieced Unicorn SVG file.

Open the Cricut Design Space Paper Pieced Unicorn file.

Download the printable 8×10 Unicorn Artwork in pdf format

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