One of the first things I learned to make out of yarn is a yarn chain.  It is super easy and perfect for kids, especially tweens since they can turn it into a fun little hand crocheted bracelet or even a headband!  And it doesn’t have to be yarn.  You can use any material that is long and narrow – I’ve used embroidery thread, leather strips, and fabric strips.

For this tutorial I used a yellow knit that originally began life as a t-shirt!

You will use two fingers and your thumb as the main support. 

Start with your pointer and middle fingers extended in the peace sign, palm facing you and then extend your thumb.

Put the tail of the yarn between those two fingers.

Now wrap it behind and around the pointer, behind and around the middle finger in a figure 8.

Do this step again ending with the tail trailing between and behind the two fingers.

Grab the bottom loop on your pointer finger and pull it over the top loop and top of your finger and let go. 

Do the same for the middle finger loops. 

Pull the tail taught. 

Repeat these steps over and over until you have the desired length. 

Once you have the chain as long as you want, take the two loops off your fingers, take the ending tail and put it through the two loops and then pull tight to create a knot. 

That’s it!  Tie the ends together and wear your new accessory proudly.