These DIY Glitter Valentine Magnets are a fun craft to do with kids. They are simple to create and only use three items to make! Plus, children can customize them with different colors, adding google eyes, etc. And once you create the glitter hearts you don’t JUST have to turn them into magnets! They have lots of uses.

DIY Glitter Love Bug MagnetSupplies:

DIY Glitter Vallentine Embellishments

Elmer’s School Glue
Fine Glitter in Valentine ColorsWax or Freezer Paper
Google Eyes
Small Pom-Pom
Pipe Cleaner


Lay out a sheet of wax paper or freezer paper (shiny side up).

Using Elmer’s School Glue, draw an outline of a heart and then fill in completely. For younger children, draw an outline of some hearts with a pen and then have them trace it with glue and then fill in.

DIY Glitter Valentine EmbellishmentsOnce the heart is filled, gently shake some glitter over the entire thing.

DIY Valentine Kids CraftSet aside to dry overnight.

When they are completely dry they will pop right off the paper. I then placed some heavy objects on top of the ones that curled a bit more than I liked. I left them like that for an hour, though you can also trim them with scissors.

DIY Valentine MagnetOnce ready, glue on some google eyes, a small pom-pom nose and some pipe cleaner antenna! Lastly, glue a magnet to the back of the heart.

DIY Glitter Love Bug MagnetIn addition to the Love Bug Magnet, I also made a photo display and a hairpiece! Check them out:

DIY Valentine Kids Craft Picture Display TutorialTo create the DIY Valentine Picture Display I used a large clothespin, hot glue and one of the glitter hearts. I simply hot glued the glitter heart to the clothespin, the side that opens facing up. Add a picture and voila!

DIY Glitter Valentine Headband

DIY Glitter Valentine HeadbandTo make the DIY Glitter Valentine Headband I glued two glitter hearts together and then glued them directly onto a headband. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!