I don’t know about you, but my children have LOTS of little toys. Polly Pockets, Barbies, Paper Dolls – I could go on and on! Paper Dolls is one of my daughters newest obsessions and I’m having a hard time keeping them contained. Laying in bed one night I started thinking about that issue and came up with the idea to create a Wardrobe Style Trinket Box. Something stylish and fun, because why can’t organization also be cute?! I found what I thought was the perfect box on Consumer Crafts, and I have no idea what I was thinking, but I forgot to look at the measurements of the dolls – DUH, right?! So when the box came in, it fit some of the dolls but not the rest. I decided I still wanted to give the idea a try, and if I liked it, I could order a bigger box… and I LOVED it! I think this is super cute, and my son has actually requested one for HIS smaller keepsakes, though he was a more “boyish” knob. We ended up using this one for Barbie Clothes and it works great.

DIY Wardrobe Style Trinket Box Tutorial

So if you have a little one that needs help keeping those small toys contained, follow along to create this adorable Wardrobe Style Trinket Box!


Hinged Wood Box with a Flat Top
Jumbo Craft Sticks
Decorative Knob
Wood Glue
Metal Cutter

DIY Wardrobe Style Trinket Box Tutorial


Measure and trim the popsicle sticks with an old pair of scissors. I used one across the top of the box, two down both sides, one across the bottom and one across the middle. We’re mimicking the look of a paneled door.

Using wood glue, adhere the popsicle sticks to the top of the box. Set aside to dry.

Stain the sticks and the box. I only do the outside, but you can certainly do the inside. I used Stain Wipes, which I LOVE because they are just so darn easy for small projects like this.

DIY Wardrobe Style Trinket Box Tutorial

Once the stain is dry, it’s time to add the knob to the top. I used a power drill to drill a hole in the top of the box and then threaded the knob through. I determined what length I needed the screw and then used my copper tube cutter to cut off the excess. Rethread the knob through the hole and secure in place with the washer and nut.

DIY Wardrobe Style Trinket Box TutorialThat’s all there is to it! Add clothes, small toys, or whatever your little heart desires! You could totally paint this instead, or even add some fun scrapbook paper to the inside. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes this quick and easy project so great.

This post originally appeared on Crafts Unleashed where I am a contributor.