This is the last of the gifts my children made for each other. I’ve already shared the Duct Tape Checker Board and the DIY Princess Snow Globe. These were very simple to make and the kids were able to help with most of the process. My son, 6 and my daughter, 4, each made a hand warmer for their older sister.

Both kids picked out the jersey fabric from my fabric scraps and I cut out the heart shape they decided on. They also each chose a ribbon to create a tag which would differentiate which one was made by whom. Both kids enjoyed using the iron to get the wrinkles out of the fabric! 
I sat at my sewing machine and each child helped me sew their heart up. They also held the warmer as I poured in the rice and then they each hand stitched the bags shut with just a touch of help from me!
Of course they also enjoyed wrapping the gifts and sticking them under the tree – this is one of their most favorite parts.
Now Cassidy can pop these in the microwave for 30 seconds before she heads out to the bus in the morning. Stick them in her pockets and her hands will stay toasty warm!
I was working with young children so stuck with a super simple design, but a simple search on Pinterest gives some really cute hand warmer ideas:

 Fox Hand Warmer by Thirty Handmade Days

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