My daughter started taking dance this past summer and absolutely loves it. She looks forward to each and every dance class. She is only 4.5 but goes in with a huge smile. That is priceless to me. So to thank the woman that is giving her so much joy, I created a print out of a quote I found online – “Take more chances, Dance more Dances”. I’m sharing the print her as a free download because I think it is a great Dance Teacher Gift Idea.
Take More Chances, Dance more dances Dance Teacher Gift Idea
We gave the dance instructor the framed print this morning and it was well received. She said she was going to put it up in the studio. My daughter has asked if I can print one out to add to a frame in her room, too!
Update: It’s been over a year and the print is still in the window at the dance studio, even though the rest of the window display has changed. That to me shows that the sentiment was appreciated!

Download the “Take more chances, Dance more Dances” Frameable Wall Art in pdf format.

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