Last week my daughter’s class had a fun little celebration that involved Ugly Sweaters and watching the Grinch. The children were invited to wear ugly sweaters and to come with festive and crazy holiday hair. Of course my daughter does not own any ugly sweaters so we how to get crafty and together we came up with this super adorable, yet still ugly, DIY Ugly Sweater! And she requested her holiday hair represent Max, the dog from the Grinch. Check out what we came up with:

DIY Ugly Sweater and Crazy Holiday Hair

We grabbed a sweater from her bureau and then we raided my craft stash. After finding the red feather embellishment it was decided that we would add Rudolph to her sweater. Some google eyes, pipe cleaners and snowflakes later, we had all of her supplies. I didn’t want to ruin her sweater, so I used a needle and thread to tack everything to the sweater. For the google eyes I just used some glue dots to secure them in place. When she got home later that I day I was able to easily remove everything without damaging the sweater.

DIY Rudolph Ugly Sweater

To transform her into Max I ran outside (at 7pm, no less!) to find a branch from a tree. I grabbed several and then picked the best one once I was back inside (and warm!). I then hot glued the branch to a headband and also secured it with a bit of string in case the hot glue didn’t hold on the headband. I then used some yarn, wrapped it around her chin and secured it onto the top of the branch with a bow to make it look like the branch was held onto her head with the string like the Grinch does to max. I hot glued the yarn into place so when she put the headband on she simply had to pull the yarn loop down and under her chin. We pulled her hear into pig tails to resemble dog ears, painted her nose red, put the headband on top and she was ready to go.

Max, the Grinch's Dog, CostumeI had one excited child ready to head off to school. And she had a pretty good day at school if her constant chatter was any indication!