If you love dogs like I do then you’re going to enjoy what I’m sharing today! This free Dog Lovers Facebook Cover Image is a fun way to add a little personality to your personal Facebook page.

Line Art Dog Facebook CoverAdorable, right? This little french bull dog is peering out at the viewer, with fun, 90’s style pastel background with a tag that states, “I’m the kind of person that says hi to dogs.”

Are you the type of person that says hi to dogs? I certainly am! I can’t resist a cute mug and will most likely give your dog more attention then you… sorry, not sorry!

Line Art Dog Facebook CoverWould you like to use this as your personal Facebook cover image? Then let’s get to it!

Installing Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook is currently rolling out a new look (nooooo!), so I made this cover work for both the “Classic” and new style (as of July 2020). The following directions will help you get it installed, though keep in mind, Facebook may change this method at any point (why must they mess with things?!)

How to upload a new Facebook Cover

  • Go to your personal Facebook page. Locate the cover image and in the top left hand corner click on the little camera.
  • In the drop down choose “UPLOAD PHOTO”
  • Locate the image that you want to upload. In this case, the Dog Lovers Facebook Cover Image that you saved most likely to either your Downloads Folder or Desktop.

How to reposition Facebook Cover Photos

  • Once the image is uploaded it will give you the option to reposition it.
  • When the photo is positioned the way you would like it, click on “SAVE CHANGES”, the blue box at the bottom right of the cover photo.
  • You do not need to give credit for the design, but if you would like to let your friends know where you got it, feel free to add a description and pop the link to this post!

Free Facebook Cover Photo Download

This Facebook Cover Photo is for personal use only. Do not alter.

Click the button below to open the cover photo in a new tab. Right click the image and save the file to your downloads folder or desktop so that you can easily find it to upload to Facebook. 

I’m considering putting out a new cover photo each month, what do you think? Would that be something you would like to see happen?