My kids are on Winter Vacation and I want to make sure they have fun things to keep them entertained (and not in front of a device the whole time!). And if that entertainment can have an educational component, even better! My 6 year old is all about math lately. It is really starting to make sense to her and she is really enjoying it, so I want to continue to foster that. Since her class is working on addition and subtraction I thought I would create a game for her and I to play that will help her learn to quickly recognize small addition without needing to use her fingers or other counting device. My solution is this adorable Snowman Math Activity that I titled, “Do you want to build a snowman?”.

Snowman Math Activity Free PrintableI created the worksheet on the computer and printed it out. Using two dice, we take turns rolling them and then adding up the two numbers. On a blank piece of paper you draw the Snowman Part that matches your answer. If you already drew the part you lose your turn and the next person goes. The first person to build their complete snowman wins.

Snowman Math Activity Free PrintableThis would be a great Counting and Addition activity for Kindergarten and First Grade classroom and I would love for you to share this with your teacher friends as a resource for them. To make the board last longer, simply laminate the sheet of paper, though I did make it low-ink friendly!Snowman Math Activity Free Printable


Download the Snowman Math Activity in pdf format.

Personal use only (meaning you may not sell this product, but do feel free to use it in tutoring, therapy and learning environments).

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