I attended SNAP!, a conference for Creative Bloggers, last week. It was a blast! I enjoyed meeting a ton of my favorite bloggers and like-minded women. One of the fun things that we could participate in was a gift exchange. About a month before the event we were able to sign up and were sent a name of another attendee to purchase/create three small gifts for. The only caveat was that the gift had to be under $5 and the first two were to be given anonymously – the third is when we revealed who we, the giver, were.
I was assigned Jenn from A Jennuine Life. I checked out her blog and saw that she was big into sewing. Since I had just taught myself how to make polymer clay buttons, I knew they would make a perfect gift for her! 
I also wanted to make sure that they were presented in a really cute way, so I used the Print and Cut feature on my Silhouette to cut out a scroll frame that I had printed “Who would think that buttons, baubles & such could bring so much joy to a heart” on. I then attached the buttons to the card – hint: Poke the holes through the front of the button first — then actually thread the needle through the back to the front and then back again, tie a knot and cut the strings.Do you have a Silhouette?
Feel free to download the Button Card with Quote Silhouette Studio file that I created.
Open it in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and use the print and cut feature to create your own button tags!

The second gift I put together for Jenn involved my Bicycle Note Cards and my April Showers Bring May Flowers Note Card printables. After printing out a bunch, I made a note card box using my Silhouette and placed the note cards and envelopes inside. Once tied with a ribbon it makes a great gift – and it is beautiful enough to give as is, no need to wrap!

Lastly I made DIY custom notepads. I made these for my roomies as well. They are easy to make with just regular computer paper and Elmer’s School Glue and everyone loves them! I also prettied up a regular white 6×9 envelope with some scrapbook paper and put the notepads inside them – instant gift wrap!

I found these wonderful Feather Graphics over at Luvly.

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