Yup! I’m talking about the business card package I put together for Snap! again.

The very first idea that came to mind, prior to the bookmark bows and the clay buttons was these fun stickers. And they cost me nothing! I already had the circle labels on hand, so all I did was design them and print them out.
Want to make your own stickers? They’d be great for kids, party favors – anything really!
I used the 2″ Avery Circle Labels (this is not a sponsored post – I had these labels on hand, but, disclaimer – that is an affiliate link!) to create my stickers. I designed my stickers in Illustrator and then downloaded a template from Avery to ensure that they aligned properly when printed.

Don’t have design software? Don’t worry! Most labels you buy at the store have online design software that you can use to design your own items. I know for sure that Avery does, but you can always check the back of the box of other brands because it usually gives info about it there. Follow the directions for using the software and you’ll have some custom stickers in no-time flat!

If you are planning on handing these out, just cut out each individual sticker –
I cut mine to about 2.5×2.5 squares.
Wouldn’t it be cool to make some book labels for your kids using their picture as a sticker? 
Stick it on the inside of the book so everyone knows who it belongs to!
Make up some fun motivational sayings and decorate a notebook with them.
SO many uses.
What do you think? Would your kids love some personalized stickers?
Since I’ve been receiving a ton of compliments on my stickers, I thought I’d make a pdf available as a free download so you can make some of them yourself! These are set up for Avery 2″ circle labels – 12 per sheet.
Download the “Inspirational Stickers” pdf via Google Drive.
Make sure to download and save the file to your computer.
Once downloaded, open the pdf and print onto a sheet of labels.

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