My son and I were hanging out browsing Etsy for gifts for friends and family for Christmas when we came across a car play mat.  He was pretty excited about it and asked if I could make him one, and since the price tag on the Etsy one was pretty steep, I said, “sure!”.
I rememered that A Girl and a Glue Gun made all sorts of mats out of felt and hot glue… no sewing was a clincher for me!  I stopped by Kim’s car mat post and then hit up Joann’s.
I purchased one yard of green, a half yard of black and a half yard of orangish-yellow.  I also purchased several colors of the sheets of felt…. the total was under $10 since the felt by the yard was 40% off.
We headed home and got to work.  Now I didn’t listen to Kim of AGAAGG‘s advice and start in the middle with the garage and I think I should have because I like her roads better than mine, but my son was totally involved and helped me with placement of everything as well as what buildings to include on the mat.  Want to see the result?


OK!  Just kidding!  That’s just the folded version!  Here is the actual mat:


One of my favorite parts:


I love the little campground that we included.


My son also requested that the buildings be able to flip up so he can “park” his cars.  Who am I to say no to such an awesome request?
And here he is enjoying the fruits of our labor:


He attached the plastic canvas playset that I made him last year for even more “vrooming” fun.  And then the dinosaurs came out and attacked the city… it was great watching his imagination run with this!
But I ain’t gonna lie… my back is killing me after hunching for hours creating this… and I got a few glue burns, but it is so much easier than sewing something like this together!  And the glue is holding up fine.  I did have to tell him he couldn’t park 5 cars in each of the garages… it’s a two car limit.  But even if anything does come loose, it will be an easy fix!
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