Did you know that you can paint those glue-on nails that you get at the beauty or drug store? It’s true! I use to get my nails down every other week at the salon. I had natural, long nails and I loved them, but the process of roughing the nails to make the polish adhere really took it’s toll and my natural nails became brittle and would break easily if I didn’t have them done every other week. I stepped back from getting my nails done and now I keep them neat and tidy at home. I still like to get all glammed up and have long fingernails for special occasions so I’ve turned to glue-on nails. They’re inexpensive and easy to apply and can last up to 7 days. And if you want to match an outfit or your toes and can’t find the right nails, I have the solution for you – painting glue-on nails!

How to paint glue-on nailsThis is a seriously easy process that you can thank me for later!

Painting Press-On Nails

Cotton Swabs
Nail Polish
Fake Nails
Nail Glue


Fake NailsCut a small piece of tape that will fit on the back of the glue-on nails.

Fold the edges of the tape inward so that the sticky side is facing out. Overlap the edges, adhering them together.

Attach the tape to a cotton swab.

Press-on nailsAttach the fake nail to it. Repeat for all 10 nails.

Painting Glue-On NailsHold the swab in your non-dominate hand, using your dominant hand to paint the top of the nail. Repeat for all 10 nails.

Allow the first coat to dry and then repeat for a second coat.

Set the nails aside and let them dry completely before applying them.

Applying Glue-On Nails

Applying Press-On NailsFirst note: I don’t use press-on nails. They don’t stay on for me. I usually use Kiss brand glue-on nails from Walmart. They do come with the adhesive tabs, but I discard those and only use the glue.

Now that you’re ready to put the nails on I have a trick for that too!

First, wash your hands and use the provided cuticle tool to push your cuticles back. Get the nails sorted and ready to go.

I’ve found that the glue on the nails can occasionally damage my real nail, so before applying the glue onto your real nails, apply a coat of clear polish, or use a base coat polish. Adhere the fake nails with glue onto your clear coated nails. Everything stays in place perfectly and when I remove the fake nails, I have no issues!

Another tip for wearing fake glue-on nails – carry the glue and extra nails with you! I leave it in my car in the case that I do lose a nail during the day, I can easily reapply it.

I don’t wear glue-on nails regularly, but they are inexpensive and easy to put on or take off for a perfect manicure for a special occasion or night on the town.

Have you ever tried painting glue-on nails?