I have seen these VERY CREATIVE PEE-PEE TEEPEE’s in several places, INCLUDING at Babies R Us, but while blog hopping I came across Make It and Love It’s Wee-Wee Wigwam and found Ashely’s tutorial extremely easy to follow.  Since my SIL is having a baby boy this July and her shower is coming up, I thought these would be a fun addition to her gift.  And I know they are going to get a good laugh, how could they not?
It took me less than an hour to make 5 of these… and they didn’t cost me anything because I used scraps of boy fabric that I have used in past projects! 
Here are mine:

I placed them inside a ziplock sandwich bag and then printed on a piece of cardstock (total dimension was 7.5″ wide x 8.5″ long – front flap was 1.5″ and the fold down to the bottom of the back was 8″).
The poem reads:
Changing a baby girl is not all glitz and glory;
Changing a baby boy is another horror story!
You hold his feet with one hand
and the diaper with the other;
The whole time praying,
“Please, don’t pee on your Mother!”
I found the poem at Beba Bean… and can I say I wish I had some Weiner Dog fabric?  How hilarious is that?!?
So whether you call it a Pee-Pee Teepee or a Wee-Wee Wigwam, head on over to Make It and Love It to make your very own set!  Let’s protect all the mama’s (and dada’s) of the world from getting pee all over themselves! 
NOTE: OF COURSE you can just place a diaper over your little man’s wee-wee, but seriously, how fun is that?  Come on ladies, this is so cute, and if you read the comments in Ashley’s post you will see that there are other uses for these little cones when you are done with their original use!
Happy Creating!