With the Fidget Spinner craze dying down, I thought it a good time to think up new ways to play with the spinning toys. The first idea to pop into my head was to turn them into game spinners – think “The Game of Life” type spinner. I went ahead and created three printable Fidget Spinner Spinners that are easy and fun to play.

Printable Fidget Spinner Spinners

I’m Bored Fidget Spinner Spinner
The first is the “I’m Bored Fidget Spinner Spinner” – don’t have anything to do, laying around moaning about how boring it is? Grab the I’m Bored Fidget Spinner Spinner board and a fidget spinner, give it a whirl and do what it tells you – make a paper plane, build a fort, create a funny dance and more! 

Printable I'm Bored Fidget Spinner Spinner for kids!

Fidget Spinner Fortune Teller 
The Fidget Spinner Fortune Teller is a new take on an old classic! Simply place the fidget spinner on the fortune teller board, ask it a yes or no question and give it a spin to find out the answer. Kids get a kick out of this. My daughter kept asking it if I would be prettier when I got old… luckily it kept saying yes, or the like! 

Printable Fidget Spinner Fortune Teller Boredom Buster Activity!

Blank Fidget Spinner Spinner
The last printable Fidget Spinner Spinner is a blank version. That’s right, you get to come up for it’s own use, whether it be to pick colors, numbers, or something else! My kids thought it would be fun to create a truth or dare spinner, or a dessert spinner to choose what sweet treat to eat, and even a movie spinner to help pick movies when they can’t agree! So many options, what will you turn the blank Fidget Spinner Spinner into?!

Turn your fidget spinner into a game spinner - fill the blank spots however you like and give it a spin!

Fidget Spinner Pointers 
You may have noticed in the photos above that we had attached a pointer to our fidget spinners so that we could tell which spot was chosen. Want to know how we did that? It’s easy! Simply print out the Fidget Spinner Pointers, cut out the color of your choice and affix to one arm of the fidget spinner with tape! Now you’re ready to get spinning… well first, download the file below!

Printable Fidget Spinner Pointers for fidget spinner spinner boards!

Download the Fidget Spinner Spinners Activities in pdf format
Personal use only. Do not alter.

Download the pdf file to your computer, open in Adobe Reader and print. Don’t try to print direct from your internet browser because it may print funky!