Hello seven thirty three readers, I’m thrilled to be guest posting here again today.

I’m Amy from the blog Atta Girl Says, where I share ideas to make your home brighter and your heart lighter. Every month, I share a new home decor post here on Kim’s blog.
Today, I’m going to be talking about decorating around an inspiration piece.
Every time a new magazine or  home decor catalog comes in the mail, I speed through the pages and immediately feel the need to redecorate my whole house. 

Every room, floor to ceiling. 
While a ready-made room may sound appealing, my experience has taught me that the better way to furnish and decorate your home is by finding an inspiration.
When you identify something you really love, whether it’s a fabric, a pillow, a piece of furniture, a plate, a collectible, a piece of artwork, an inspiration quote or whatever else, you’re well on your way to creating a space you will love. One that is timeless and one that will outlast trends.

 When you find an inspiration piece, you won’t be able to get it out of your head. Your heart will go pitter-patter as you fall in love.
Like I did with the floral fabric on my living room sofa. Once I found it, I knew nothing else would do. 
The linen fabric, as it turned out, wasn’t the most practical choice. (Hey not everything we love is always the best choice; we all have a boyfriend we wish we didn’t in our past!)
The fabric didn’t hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use and after a few years the seats on the sofa became threadbare. But I still wasn’t ready to let go of this particular inspiration, so I had the cushions recovered in a sturdier canvas and kept the floral fabric as an accent. The other elements in the room were chosen to coordinate with this fabric. 

I have a real obsession with fabric, so quite often, a gorgeous print will be the inspiration around which I decorate an entire room. 
That’s what I’m doing as I makeover my home office.

Sometimes, it’s a great color that inspires me. Like this Sherwin Williams Watery blue I used in our laundry room.

You can also see how color inspired me in our kitchen. In this case, it was the color of old blue mason jars I collect that inspired my color and decor choices.
Speaking of collections, if you missed my guest post here about decorating with collections, please check it out.

Up until now, I’ve talked about inspiration pieces in the context of entire rooms. 
But quite often, that certain special something will inspire me in another way. 

When I saw these adorable owl glasses at a local vintage store, I had to have them. But I knew they were too cute for everyday.
So, I set a pretty Sunday dinner tablescape around them, using the glasses to inspire the color palette and the theme.

And who would have thought these tiny $2 plates would prove inspirational?

But they proved to be just the jumping off point I needed when I was decorating our dining room and entryway for Halloween.

Speaking of seasonal decor…
… a trip to the farmer’s market, and this little house made out of old windows inspired me to create my own version of the farmer’s market on our front porch for fall.

The next time you’re stumped for how to decorate a room, stop focusing on the big picture.
Ask yourself, “What inspires me?
Ask yourself, “What do I love?”
Hone in on one thing you love, one thing you couldn’t live without in the space, and you’re on your way to solving your design dilemma.
If you have a chance, I hope you’ll stop by my blog, Atta Girl Says, for a visit.
This week, I’m participating in a fall porch showcase with 24 other bloggers, and the rest of the house is all spooked out for Halloween.
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