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I thought today we’d talk a little about fitness supplements. I didn’t take anything before, during or after the gym for years. It wasn’t until I started working out with a trainer that I finally started taking pre-workout, a supplement designed to boost energy and performance. Do you need to take a pre-workout? Maybe not. It all depends on how you’re feeling in the gym. If you’re low on energy after your pre-workout meal and want a little boost to give yourself that really good workout, or your goal is to build more muscle, then a pre- may just be what you need.

Wake up beauty, it's time to BEAST!

Besides caffeine, which has proven performance enhancing benefits when taken in the right dose, many pre-workouts also contain creatine for strength, muscular endurance and muscle growth by pulling water from under the skin (subcutaneous) into the muscles. Pre can also contain nitric oxide boosters which increase the amount of blood flow to the muscles that you’re working, helping you to achieve a good “pump”. In addition, these boosters help get the BCAA’s, which we’ll talk about shortly, and the nutrients from your pre-workout meal into your muscles faster to help them repair and rebuild, which is how you gain muscle.

Interested in learning more about gym supplements? I'm sharing what I use!

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I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine, really any medications or drugs. When I first started taking pre-workout, I could only take a 1/2 serving. There’s so many different pre’s out there, so it’s a matter of finding which one you really like, and which one works best for you. I’ve tried a ton – some upset my stomach, or made my head fuzzy, or didn’t give me the kick I was looking for. Do some research and decide which pre-workout looks best for you and your goals. I’ve found that I prefer BPI Sports One More Rep Powder. I mix it with 4 ounces of water and drink it about 15-20 minutes prior to heading to the gym. 



Interested in learning more about gym supplements? I'm sharing what I use!

The real game changer for me was when I started taking BCAA’s – branch chain amino acids. They start the recovery process for your muscles while you are still working out. They make your muscles feel less sore and can also increase muscle mass and enhance weight loss. For those truly putting in the effort in the gym and really trying to see results in the composition of their body, I always recommend BCAA’s. I personally prefer BPI Sports. I typically drink them throughout my workout.

Interested in learning more about gym supplements? I'm sharing what I use!

Lastly, I drink a protein shake post workout. My goals are to have a lean, toned appearance, so it is important that I’m feeding my muscle properly. The most important time to get your protein is immediately post workout. Your muscles will soak up the nutrition for recovery and growth.  I have a really hard time with protein powders though. As a super picky eater, I just can’t stomach most of them. The one I’m currently using that I find palatable and affordable is Isopure Infusions – it’s less like a shake and more like a flavored water. I mix 1 scoop with 6 ounces of water for 20g of quick protein after my workouts.

So lay it on me. What questions do you have regarding supplements?