When my grandparents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary our family hosted a card shower for them. What does that mean? Every individual family member sent them a card. They received over 70 cards on their Anniversary! How better to show someone how much you love and appreciate them than with a special card stating just that? Read on to see the printable anniversary cards that I had made for them.

Of course I can’t just go and buy a $4 card. I am a designer after all! I put together several fun cards for the occasion and have made them available as free printables so that others can enjoy them too. These cards are perfect for Weddings as well. Let’s start with the fun  “You go together like…” Series: 

Download the Anniversary Cards

 All of the above printable cards are for personal use only. Click the button above to download the card of your choice. Save it to your computer and open in Adobe Reader. Print onto cardstock.

I had a ton of fun creating these three cards and I know my grandparents got a kick out of them. But I created one last card that was a bit more generic but is full of fun colors and love confetti: