When my grandparents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary our family hosted a card shower for them and today I’m sharing the printable anniversary cards that I made.

What is a card shower, exactly? It is when people send cards to the person or people that are celebrating a milestone. From relatives and friends to even strangers! Many people announce card showers in the newspaper or on Facebook. For the card shower for my grandparents, we had every individual family member send them a card. They received over 70 cards on their Anniversary! I mean, is there a better way to show someone how much you love and appreciate them than with a special card stating just that? Read on to see the printable anniversary cards that I made.

As a graphic designer, it is very rare for me to go out and buy greeting cards from the store and this was no exception. I put together several fun anniversary cards for the occasion and have made them available as so that others can enjoy them too. These free printable cards are perfect for Weddings as well!

Let’s start with the clever “You go together like…” Series:

Which one is your favorite? I think the “You make a perfect pear” card may be mine although those peanut butter and jelly bread and salt and pepper illustrations are just the cutest! Plus, who doesn’t love a good food pun?!

Although the front of the cards have sweet drawings and sayings, the insides of the free cards are blank so that you can add your own special message and heartfelt wishes.

Download the Printable Cards

 All of the above free printable anniversary cards are for personal use only. Click on the button above to download the card of your choice. Save it to your computer and open the pdf file in Adobe Reader. Print the file onto 8.5″ x 11″ card stock. Fold the card, add a message to the inside and place into an envelope and either mail or hand-deliver your greetings!

I had a ton of fun creating these three cards and I know my grandparents got a kick out of them.

I created one last Happy Anniversary card that was a bit more generic but is full of fun colors and love confetti:

I hope you are able to put these unique anniversary cards to use for someone special in your life!