Alright Ladies – I came across girl and a glue gun via a link party on Fun to Craft and fell in love instantly.  I mean, seriously, anyone who can do this many amazing things with a glue gun is a girl after my own heart! 😉  I even went out and purchased my terra cotta pots yesterday to make a dessert stand like she did! So without further ado, please welcome Kim:

Hi! I’m the girl behind the girl and the glue gun. I picked my blog name because I love my glue gun. (and i have the burns to prove it.) I am so happy to be here on Kim’s blog…only because my name is kim too! (Okay maybe there are a couple other reason too!).

Ironically, today I am not going to do a hot glue tutorial. But to prove I am worthy of my name…I will show you some hot glue projects I have done in the past:

I made a no-sew cord tie.

my bubble gum dispenser made out of terra cotta pots and a fish bowl (and hot glue of course.)

My earring holder

and my magnic menu board
(which I am currently having a giveaway for. Click HERE to enter)
But enough talk. We are here to do some crafts.

Today I am making  cookie cutter canvas art. It’s super easy…and super fun. and It’s something that even kids can do! (if you trust them with paint)

Let’s start
Some canvas (old or new)
Paint your base cover

Pick a cookie cutter (I might have a slight cookie cutter fetish.)

You’ll need to pour plenty of paint on a flat surface (I use old cool whip lids)

You need to press your cookie cutter firmly and make sure each side gets even paint…
Then press firmly onto the canvas (or you really could use a piece of wood!)
and repeat. over and over and over. Make sure you get fresh paint each time.
and since this is a pair of pictures…The other one is a star:

This one splattered a bit…which I kinda liked!!!
I actually hot glued it right to the wall (I knew I would find a use for my glue gun)
I just put a tiny dob of glue…let it cool for a few seconds and then stick it on.
Usually when I want to rearrange…it pops right off!

and I made one for my daughters room ( a flower of course…although they have the alphabet cookie cutters and I thought it would be cute to do one with your intial)

added some embellishments to make it pretty….

and since we have both sugar and spice parties and frogs and snail parties here at 733…I thought I had better do a boy one:

That about wraps it up for me! Thanks Kim! and feel free to visit me at my blog anytime.