So I’ve been on this kitchen “communication center” kick recently.  I was trying to come up with THE perfect corkboard, memoboard, letter holder combo.  I actually ended up with something TOTALLY different (you can see it here) because I found a magnetic letter holder that worked for the fridge, and then came across some other cool items at a local craft store that transformed my communication center into a calendar/corkboard duo. 
ANYWAY, when Hani sent me her center idea I asked her if she would be willing to share with you all of you, and she said YES!  So check out what Hani did:

Hello! dear readers at seven thirty three

I am Hani from Craftionary
I am a new blogger who has started blogging for the love of crafts and sharing ideas. But of all the things I do I love to make new friends the most. 
Craftionary works by targeting a craft line and works to create projects linked to that specific line for about 2 months. So, you get more ideas about using a specific technique.You can find a whole lot of variety categorized from nylon flowers to origamiInstant last minute recipes to home remedies and blog designs to paintings. I am so excited to bring embroidery crafts in April to welcome spring this year. 

Today I am going to share my tutorial about Multi Task Message Board
I am thrilled to show you my organizing and scheduling space. 
I have divided my hobby room into working and crafting spaces. I keep all my craft supplies in the closet near the room for child safety. What I did for the message board is utilized the corner near my working table. The working space has a brown and green, neutral tones theme and this bulletin board and holders match perfectly with it. While the craft space as I have planned is going to be very bright and vibrant.
I am still working on my ideas to complete my hobby room. I am so going to share 
it with all of you once it’s complete. 
Any cool ideas you would like to share? I would love to hear from you 🙂
I bought this bulletin board which came with a rope and hooks for easy fixing at Fiesta for a really good price of $3.00. For a 18″x24″ board I think it’s a really good price. If you are looking for a good deal, you better check this one out

Next you will need some basic stationery and papers of your choice

Cut the paper to the size of the board. I bought this patterned wrapping paper from a dollar store. Place double-sided tape on the board’s sides and in-between and place the paper sheet over it. Now using a cuter remove the excess of paper from the sides for perfection. I used tape so that I can change the paper if I like later. 
Here’s how it looks so far

I wanted to keep a track on my weekly errands, programs and have reminders because I have a very small attention spam. I made 6 columns counting Saturday and Sunday as weekend and glued them at the bottom of the board
Now I can schedule and remember my weekly things

My craft room is where I spend most of my time. Now here’s the cute part. I got this promotional key chain by keepeez at Sam’s club. I cut out a piece just the size of it’s head with the cutter and sticked it on. It has a sticky back which is sticky enough to hold the weight of 5-6 keys with key chains and may be more.
I used sticky letters to complete the look.

I wanted custom holders to match with the board and made these using cardboard that was about to be thrown into the trash. 
This post was getting too long so I moved the holder’s tutorial to another post. Also I have shared some cool sites for free calendar and scheduling notebooks printables over here.

Now I like to make wall arts and projects that can go on the walls without holes so that I can keep changing the setting if I like without any permanent damage to the walls.
I used sticky back from Velcro. I bought mine from Walmart
Stick both the parts on the holder’s back and press it against the wall with good pressure and your done

A final look at the supplies holders. 
If you like, use the third one which holds receipts and business cards
or anything else that you like

Now some last touches to the bulletin board. I bought these stickers, it also has small letters and symbols on the back for $1.99 from Michaels.
I used them to label my holders and days of the week
Sometimes we have important papers we don’t want to punch holes in. So, I bought these office clips and sticked my pattern paper to the front and sides to match. Finally I glued it on the bulletin board. Initially I added only one clip, but when the board was put to practical use I glued 2 more
Here’s what the clips look like
Finally the finished bulletin board and holders in use

A few of my favorite projects that I am loving right now

Thanks Kim. I enjoyed being here
I hope you will stop by and see me at Craftionary