Tomorrow I’m headed to my local news station to share a fun Chalkboard Breadboard project. I created a printable “Today’s Menu” Kitchen Chalkboard Art that I am going to transfer the design of onto a breadboard that I painted with chalkboard paint. I’ll share the video at the bottom of this post after the live broadcast tomorrow.

"Today's Menu - Take It or Leave It!" Printable Chalkboard Art
In preparation for the craft segment I created this printable artwork  and thought it would be nice to share with all of you so that you can recreate the project, or if you would rather, you can print the actual chalkboard art and frame it instead!

I don’t know about your children, but mine are picky eaters and I am so tired of hearing “ewwww!” or “I don’t like this.” I thought this saying would be a perfect fit for our household. A little humor does everyone good, am I right?

"Today's Menu - Take It or Leave It!" Printable Chalkboard ArtSo how do you transfer this design onto a chalkboard? Simple! Watch the videos below (if you can’t see them, click the links to view) or read on: Print off the black and white version below. Get some graphite transfer paper in white and place it between the printable and the chalkboard surface. Using a stylus or dull pencil, trace your design. The transfer paper has a white powder on it so when you finish tracing the design and remove the papers, your design will show up! Now use a chalk marker or paint pen and trace the design again and you’re done! FYI: For a DIY painted chalkboard surface I would recommend using regular chalk if you are not looking for a permanent design because chalk marker will not wipe away clean. Or if you go with chalk marker, keep in mind that you may need to touch up your painted chalkboard surface after wiping away your design.

Download the Black and White Today’s Menu Kitchen Art in pdf format.

Download the Today’s Menu Kitchen Chalkboard Art for framing in pdf format.

Personal use only. Do not alter.

DIY Chalkboard Bread BoardThe craft segment was a huge success. This was my first time on the show with the new crew and I had a blast getting to know them. Check it out:

WCAX.COM Chalkboard Art Part 1
WCAX.COM Chalkboard Art Part 2

Printable Easter Memory GameBefore you go – I’m also over at Crafts Unleashed today sharing a fun Easter Memory Game Printable! It’s tons of fun for little ones and features some festive designs that I created!