Hello, seven thirty three friends! I’m Molly from The Creative Maven.  When it comes to making stuff, I’ll try just about anything, but my true passion is sewing… so I whipped up a really simple, cute and FUN sewing project for you today!  We’re going to make these ruffled, reversible cuff bracelets!


>>Very thick fusible interfacing
>>2 fat quarters of coordinating fabric scraps (you’ll be able to make several bracelets!)
>>1/4″ wide coordinating ribbon
>>Magnetic snaps (found in purse making section of your craft store).  I used these.  There are a couple of sizes, but I used the 3/4″ ones.
>>Coordinating thread
>>Rotary cutter + self-healing mat
>>Xacto knife
>>Seam guage
>>Sewing machine + zipper foot

    Step 1. Measure your wrist.  Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist, the way you would want your bracelet to fit (do you want it really close against your skin, like a true cuff, or a little looser like a bangle?) – then add two inches to that measurement.
Step 2. Cut your pieces.  Cut a piece of very stiff fusible interfacing, 1 1/2″ wide by the measurement you came up with above (wrist circumference plus 2″).  From one of your fabric pieces, cut a strip that is 2 1/2″ wide by your wrist measurement from step 1 plus another 1″.  Finally, from your second fabric, cut a strip that is 2 1/2″ wide by your wrist measurement x 2 (so if your wrist measurement is 10″, you would cut a 20″ strip) – when we ruffle it, it really shrinks up!

Step 3. Create your ruffle.With your extra long strip of fabric, run a seam down the center, lengthwise, pleating the fabric every inch or so as shown.

When you are finished, trim it so it matches the length of your other fabric strip.

Cut a piece of coordinating ribbon, and stitch it down the seam of your ruffled piece to cover the seam.

Step 4. Fuse fabric to interfacing.  Center the strip of interfacing on the non-ruffled fabric strip (with interfacing towards the wrong side of the fabric).  Flip the whole thing over so that you are looking at the right side of your fabric, and iron to fuse the interfacing to the fabric.

Step 5. Mark for your snap closure.  Place your two fabric strips on a self-healing mat. The snaps each come with a little metal template dealy (see arrow) to help you place your snap in the right place.

Using a seam gauge (or tape measure or ruler if you don’t have a seam gauge), measure 1/2″ to 5/8″ from the edge of one of your strips (ignore the picture where my seam gauge does NOT match what I’m telling you! :)).  Also make sure to center the marker vertically so your snap will be in the center of the bracelet.  Use a pen to mark in the slots.

Do the same to your other fabric strip, but do it on the opposite end (see arrows).

Use an Xacto knife to cut through the slits.

Step 6. Sew.  Place your fabric strips on top of each other, right sides together, and stitch around three sides, leaving one of the long sides open.

Trim the corners (on the sewn corners only!), and turn the bracelet right side out.  Use a closed pair of scissors to pop out the corners if you need to.  On the open side, press the extra fabric toward the inside.

Insert the snaps – doesn’t really matter which half of the snap goes on which side.

Starting with the open side, edge stitch all around the bracelet – closing the gap and giving it a nice crisp finish.

That’s it! Two fun ways to wear it!

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