Glow in the Dark Pasta JewelryI recently came across a Glow in the Dark Rice pin on Pinterest that led me to Growing a Jeweled Rose. That stuff looked like so much fun! Of course it got my wheels spinning and I began to wonder if I could make it work with pasta. Wouldn’t it be so cool to take a classic of childhood – pasta jewelry – and make it glow in the dark? So I gave it a try, and it totally worked!

It is the same concept as making the rice – pour some ziti or other pasta that can be strung on string into a Ziploc bag, add in a bit of Florescent Paint (use sparingly – just enough to cover the outside of the pasta – you can always add a bit more if needed) and a tablespoon of water, then squish and mash it until all of the pasta is covered. Pour the pasta onto a paper towel and allow it to completely dry. This did take a few hours. It also did cause some of the pasta to crack straight down the length, so make a bit more than you are expecting to need. It also caused cracks to appear in most of the pasta, but that is typical when painting pasta. It didn’t effect the end result at all.

Glow in the Dark Pasta Jewelry - tons of fun in the dark and looks good in light too! Great fun for kids on a rainy/snowy evening!Once the pasta is dry, string it onto an elastic cord and tie off. We made both necklaces and bracelets. The bracelets were easier to spot in the black light since there was no hair or chins blocking the pasta. Turn on some music, turn off all the lights, snap on a black light and get dancing!