A couple of weeks ago I shared the Pokemon Birthday Party that I helped my friend, Krista, throw for her daughter. We had so much fun creating it, and although it certainly wasn’t our most elaborate party (that would probably be our Alice in Wonderland party), it was the one the kids seemed to enjoy the most! There wasn’t a whole lot of DIY projects involved, but the Pokeball Treat Stands were super easy to make, and held some of the most popular treats for the party, so I have to share how I made them.

DIY Pokeball Treat Holders for a Pokemon Birthday Party

These treat holders are super easy to make – if you can wield scissors and a glue gun, you can make these!
DIY Pokeball Treat Holders for a Pokemon Birthday Party


4″ Foam Square
24″ Felt in Red, White and Black
Hot Glue Gun

I didn’t take pictures of every step, because honestly, it’s super simple to make these! Cut the fabric as you see in the photo above. The white and red felt strips were both about 2″ high and the black strip was about a 1/2″. Hot glue the strips to the foam square.

My foam square was almost 5″ so I my 24″ long strips didn’t quite touch in the back. I simply cut a small rectangle to fill in the gap and hot glued into place.

DIY Pokeball Treat Holders for a Pokemon Birthday Party

Hot glue the white circle to the black circle and then adhere that to the front of the block. And that’s it! Place some delicious treats into the foam on top – such as the adorable Pikachu Peeps that Krista made.

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