I love coming up with homemade Valentines. I love the color schemes, the cheesy puns, the creativity. Last night while laying in bed I had a great idea. Hot Chocolate Bomb Valentines with a printable “You’re the Bomb Valentine” tag. But wait, what about EOS Lip Balm? That would be perfect too! Or a bath bomb! There are so many things a You’re the Bomb Valentine printable tag could be used for. This morning I woke up and headed to Walmart to get my supplies and check out what I ended up with:

Hot Chocolate Bomb Valentine Idea and Printable Tag

So flippin’ cute? Right? I found a silicone heart mold so made a heart-shaped hot chocolate bomb. If you want to know how to make them, check out my Hot Chocolate Bomb Gift Tags and Tutorial. But wait! There’s more!

You're the Bomb Valentine's Idea and Printable Tag

Fun, no? That is EOS lip balm wrapped up in tissue paper to make the perfect Valentine bomb! I looked for bouncy balls, because they’re inexpensive and we all know kids love them, but I didn’t find any. If your kids are bored and need something to do, have them start making rainbow loom band bouncy balls! They can knock out a bunch in time for Valentine’s Day!

Ready to make some Valentine Bombs? Let’s get started! If you’re just looking for the printable tag, scroll down to the bottom of this post to download them!

Creative Valentine's Day Gift Exchange Idea and Printable Tag


Supplies: DIY You're the Bomb Valentines Supplies

Tissue Paper
Pipe Cleaner
Baker’s Twine
Hole Punch
Gift Tags
Lip Balm, Bouncy Ball, Small Candies, etc.

Lip Balm Valentine

Cut a square of tissue paper to fit the size of your item. Place the lip balm or other item into the square of tissue paper. Place a pipecleaner so that it is behind the item (not shown).

Lip Balm Valentine Idea with Printable Tags

Fold the tissue paper up and over the item, with the pipe cleaner sticking out the top.

Tissue Paper Lip Balm Gift Idea

Tie off the top with baker’s twine. Trim the pipe cleaner to size so that it looks like the fuse of the bomb.

You're the Bomb Printable Valentine Tag

Cut out the You’re the Bomb Valentine gift tag. Punch a hole in the top.

You're the Bomb Valentine's Idea and Tag

Attach to the baker’s twine and finish with a bow.

Super simple, super cute, definitely a Valentine’s favorite!

Printable Gift Tags

Heart-shaped Hot Chocolate Bombs for Valentine's Day

Download the printable gift tags in pdf format.
Personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the You’re the Bomb Valentine file to your computer. Open the file in Adobe Reader and print on to cardstock. There are 9 tags per sheet of 8.5×11 cardstock. Cut them out and use them however you see fit!