One area of the new house that I don’t absolutely love is the bathroom. I don’t mind that it’s a combo laundry/bathroom. I actually find that quite convenient. And I love that I have a large linen closet inside the bathroom AND right outside the bathroom in the hallway. I also love that the washer and dryer are on pedestals. And that the shower was recently done over. What I don’t love is the previous owner mixed fixtures. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!?

Printable 5x7 Wash Your Hands Watercolor Artwork

The door hardware, sink and vanity are all done in oil rubbed bronze… but for some reason the previous owner redid the shower in brushed nickel. UGH! So one half of the room is bronze, the other nickel. This drives me batty! But for now it is going to have to stay this way… so to help me not hate the room, I added a few things. Like a toilet paper holder. LOL I can’t stand having TP hanging out on the back of the toilet.

I also added a cute little rustic shelf that matches the rest of my decor. It is functional in that it has a hand towel rack, which was also missing from the room, but it also allowed me to style it. I added a cute little plant and a functional jar for q-tips and then I created a “Wash your hands” sign doneĀ in watercolor blues to match the blue towels.

Printable 5x7 Wash Your Hands Watercolor Artwork

Now when I walk into the room, I focus on this cute little shelf and I no longer focus on the duel fixtures. We do what we can, right?

Printable 5x7 Wash Your Hands Watercolor Artwork

I’ve made the sign a free printable, so feel free to use it in your less than perfect bathroom to spruce things up a bit. Or maybe you have the perfect bathroom and just want a fun addition? Bam! Here you go!

Printable Wash Your Hands Sign in pdf format

Personal use only. Do not alter. Sign fits a 5×7 frame.