I know I’ve seen lots of people make their own clothing labels using iron on transfer paper, but I don’t have an inkjet printer (I have a way cooler expensive Xerox machine) so I can’t run iron on transfer paper through it.

I brainstormed a little and thought, “I use freezer paper stencils for everything else, why not a label?”  I made my daughters birthday outfit (Birthday is in 2 months!) and wanted to put a little stamp of “hey, I did that!” on it, so I needed a label, and the ones I had printed up were loop labels and wouldn’t look right on the skirt.  I grabbed some gray twill tape, my Cricut, the “logo” I designed, freezer paper and paint and made this:


Cute right?  Although I wish I hadn’t included the {Heart} KC.  I think LIVIE LOU (My daughters nickname) would have been enough.  See it on the outfit:


Thanks to Dana of MADE for sharing her circle skirt tutorial!
I was looking for a SIMPLE dress pattern that I could make work as a “June” (from Little Einsteins) dress and Taylor of Taylor Made suggested I check out Made.  After some brainstorming I realized the circle skirts elastic waist band could TOTALLY mimic the tie around June’s dress.

I took Olivia’s pink dance leotard and a box of Purple RIT dye to create the top.  I also purchased matching pink fabric thinking if they started the same color they would end the same color… but duh!  They are different materials so that didn’t work, but I don’t think it takes away from the outfit.  I also dyed the 2″ elastic white band pink.  I’ve already been told that we NEED to buy red shoes.
 And a few more, we’ll call them, “action” shots:

She knew right away that it was a “June”dress.  After playing in it all day and telling everyone she was just like June we sat down to watch an episode of Little Einsteins.  The intro starts to roll and all of a sudden she says, “MAMA!  I DO look like June!”  Melt my heart. Now how do I keep this OFF from her till her Birthday?
I will definitely be making more of these skirts.  They are super simple to create and look really sweet on!
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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