This past Tuesday was my hubbies 33rd Birthday!  We are actually celebrating it on Sunday with dinner at his parents, but we couldn’t just let his actual birthday slide without doing anything.  On my way home from work I snagged a yummy Ice Cream Cake.  The night before I had created this little banner, printed it out and attached it to two wood skewers.  I got home, brought the cake down to my craft room inserted the skewers and set it aside to thaw a bit while we ate dinner.  The kids were so excited when I ran downstairs and came back up with my yummy treat, and my hubby was totally surprised since he wasn’t expecting anything!  And ummmm-mmmm was it delicious!
In case you want to make your own birthday cake banner – you can download the file here (different color options too!).
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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