Birthdays are all about celebrating the special people in our lives. Whether it’s a milestone like a 30th birthday or a simple “just because” occasion, adding a personal touch to the festivities can make all the difference. Sure, an ice cream cake is always a crowd-pleaser, but presentation goes a long way in creating a celebratory vibe. That’s where the magic of DIY Birthday Cake Topper comes in!

DIY Birthday Cake Topper - Free Printable

This past Tuesday marked my hubby’s 33rd birthday, and while the official celebration was planned for Sunday, I couldn’t resist surprising him with a little something on his actual birthday. The night before his birthday, I had whipped up a quick birthday banner cake topper. On my way home from work I snagged a yummy Ice Cream Cake. Once home, I printed out the banner, cut it out, attached it to skewers, and popped it onto the cake – all in mere minutes!

When I presented the cake after dinner, complete with the homemade banner, the kids were thrilled, and my hubby? Totally surprised and touched by the unexpected gesture. It was a small detail, but it set the tone for a fun and memorable evening.

Making the Cake Topper

The best part about this project? It’s incredibly easy and budget-friendly! I’ve made the Happy Birthday Banner Cake Topper into a printable, in multiple colors options, so that you can download the file and use it for your next birthday cake!

Download the Happy Birthday Banner in pdf format
Personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the DIY birthday cake topper file to your computer. Open the file in Adobe Reader and send it to print onto cardstock!

Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and a handmade touch can truly make a person feel so loved!