Printable Smarties Valentine's Day Cards
Print off these simple, yet cute Valentine’s Day Cards, trim and attach a Smartie candy with washi tape! Perfect way to sweeten someone’s day. My son chose these as the Valentine’s Cards he wants to share with his class.
Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards
Plus, I found a box of 48 Smarties at Walmart for under $3! Score! 
I love that my kids are able to send in fun and unique Valentines, 

versus the cheapo store bought cards. 

Download the “Smartie” Valentine’s Day Cards

I’ve been informed that in Canada these candies are known as “Rockets” so in honor of that, I’ve created a second version of this Valentine that says “You’re out of this world!” across the top and is perfect for the “Rocket” candy!
Download the Canadian Version “Rocket” Valentine

Maybe Smarties aren’t your thing? Then you’re BOUND to find something you like in The Ultimate Valentine Printable Pack!
22 Bloggers joined together to share 121 pages of amazing printables that are sure to make this the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever!And below are more of my free Valentine’s printables:

 Free Printable Tic Tac Toe Valentine's Day Card
This is a house fav: Tic Tac Toe Valentine

M&M’s, Tic Tacs, Spree, Skittles and any other smaller candies work perfectly! 

Free Printable Bee Valentine
Or maybe this little Bee Valentine is up your alley?
Free Printable Robot Valentine Pouch
Maybe your son is sick of “girly” Valentines and wants something a bit more manly?
How about a Robot pouch to store some goodies?
Free Printable Bear Hugs Valentine's Day Bag Topper
I love super simple Valentine options, so how about this Bear Hugs bag topper
Fill with Teddy Grahams or Gummy Bears and you’re done!
Free Printable Valentine's Day Bag Toppers
These Monster Valentine’s Day Treat Toppers have always been a hit in our house.
Free Printable Valentine's Day Pouches
Last, but not least, are these little Valentine’s Day Pouches – perfect for small little treats.
I happily add more Valentine’s Day Cards each year, so make sure to check out the rest of my Valentine’s Printables!