Crochet Bow Books
I’m heading home from Snap!, a creative blog conference, today.
I had a grand ole time and I gave away a TON of business cards.
(I’ll share more about my SNAP experience soon!)

I was lucky enough to find some amazing shimmery cards from (find out more about my business cards) that were a statement piece in themselves, but when preparing for Snap! I knew I didn’t want to just hand out business cards – this was a creative blog conference after all.

After brainstorming a few ideas I decided on making a bunch of tiny crochet bow bookmarks that I attached to the glassine envelopes I had already stuffed my business cards and fun stickers into.

Want to make your own? First you need to learn how to make a tiny crochet bow.

After you have the bow, all you do is feed a paperclip through the back where you wound the yarn around the middle and hot glue in place.
Adorable and functional. What more can you want?
On top of the bows, I also decided to make some DIY clay buttons to hand out.
Since many of the Snap! attendees sew, and the buttons are so fun to make, I decided it would be a great giveaway item. I sewed them to 2″ circle chipboard and placed them inside the glassine envelopes.
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