One of my very favorite items to hand to a bored child is a box.
Yup, you heard me, a straight up cardboard box. I don’t know what it is with kids and boxes, but their wheels just start turning and they can create so many things out of that simple item.
My kids are constantly stealing boxes out of our recycling bin. They especially love when someone gets a new pair of shoes. The most recent thing they created was a worm farm! They took toilet paper rolls and toilet paper and put that in the box, then they used their straight click-it toys as worms. They’ve had this thing for a week and are still playing with it. Though it recently went through a reno and is now housing My Little Ponies.

We’ve made zoos, puppet theatres, houses and more. Give it a try, hand your child a box and see what they come up with! I know you won’t be disappointed. I’ve rounded up a few ideas in case you want to give them a starting point:
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