There are lots of fun ways to use leaves in art.
Last weekend the kids and I grabbed some markers, crayons and paper and explored two of my favorite ways to do so!

The first is leaf stamping. Using a nice (the newer the better) marker, color the entire vein side of a leaf. TIP: do this on a scrap piece of paper so that if you go off the sides of the leaf you won’t ruin your artwork. Flip over the leaf and use it like a stamp on a piece of paper. You get the imprint of the leaf on the paper. So cool and a great way to add some color to a nature journal.

The other way is leaf rubbing. Simply place a leaf under a piece of paper and use the side of a crayon to lightly cover over the leaf. You’ll see the leaf appear before your eyes!

Simple and fun and most kids really enjoy both of these activities.

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