My mom has one of those fun little zen gardens…  you know, the one with the sand and a little rake? I have ALWAYS wanted one. They are just so relaxing and fun to play with. My kids love them too. Every time we go to Memere and Grandpa’s house, all three of them converge on hers! I haven’t found one that I like yet though. They are usually not in a dish that is my style. So when I came across craft sand in Joann’s the other day a light bulb went off over my head. BING! I can MAKE myself a little zen garden. Joann’s only had white, but when I got home and searched online, there are all sorts of colorful sand options out there, so if you are lucky enough to have a Hobby Lobby nearby, you’re golden. Michael’s might have more colors too. Anyway, back to making the DIY Zen Garden.
Zen Garden Supplies:
A small glass dish
Craft sand (enough to fill said dish)
Small shells, stones or small pieces of driftwood to add to the garden scape
A feather, bamboo skewer or other tool to draw in the sand with
There really isn’t much more to explain to you! Pour the sand in the dish, add the shells or stones and start drawing. The feather is the perfect tool for clearing your drawing and starting again!
These really are fun and relaxing. I use it a lot while brainstorming – mindlessly doodle in the sand. My dish is only 5×5, but if I had a bit of a bigger one I would add a little succulent to the corner for a little greenery!