15 Linen Closet Organization Hacks Have you heard of Hometalk? It’s basically a Pinterest-esque site for all things home. I’ve been checking it out for about a year, but just barely ended up setting up my own account. I’m loving the community there, you’re able to post questions and get feedback from other like-minded people! I would love for you to check out seven thirty three’s Hometalk profile!

I recently posted my $6 Linen Closet Organization project from a few years ago. After posting it, I started checking out what others have posted and got some ideas to make my closet even better than it already is! One of the cool features is you can clip the projects you like and create your own board of projects! So that’s what I did – make sure to stop over to check out the 15 Amazing Linen Closet Organization Hacks that I clipped to my Linen Closet Board!

If you are already part of the Hometalk community, leave me a link to your profile in the comments and I’ll make sure to check you out!

Since we are on the topic of homes, I am happy to report that I have finished my daughters room makeover for the Cricut Design Space Challenge. We did the big reveal on Friday night and she LOVED it. At first she was a bit overwhelmed with the changes… especially considering her room has never changed – it has looked the same since she was born, except for minor changes like moving from a crib to a big girl bed! I still can’t share any of the details with you though… since it IS a competition and I don’t want to give the competitors the upper hand! HA! But check back on the 28th when I’ll do the big reveal. Happy Monday to all of you! Hope you have an awesome week.